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funeral-davis-tania-peacock-headshotWhile coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, finding an ideal celebrant can be daunting. I can reassure you with all my years of experience and a huge heart of looking after people, I will do my utmost to support and guide you in whatever service you choose, in the best interests of the family.

Standard officiant services for a funeral range from $500-$850 inc GST (similar to what a funeral director would charge) and will travel anywhere in Auckland to serve your family. This fee varies due to whether you require me to be at the funeral chapel and/or the burial (committal at the cemetary).

Pricing factors include: Travel; time spent being involved pre-funeral and on the day at the funeral venue (writing eulogies and dealing with all family members involved). At times, an elder, priest or pastor is given the honour of doing the committal at the burial but I am also experienced to continue right through the entire process.

I can also help you with unveilings, interment of ashes and Digital Memorials, so please contact me to discuss all your requirements.

PACKAGE DEAL – Includes:

  • Working with the family
  • To and from venue travel costs
  • Burial/committal
  • Slideshow presentation (image retouching, video editing, final production)
  • Order of service booklet (printing additional)
  • Background image and music for entire service – package from $800 inc GST

What is a Funeral Celebrant?
A funeral celebrant is a qualified individual who works with the family to conduct a ceremony tailored to the beliefs, values and desires of a deceased individual and his or her immediate family members. The funeral service may or may not include aspects and components of “traditional” religious and/or funeral/burial ceremonies.

I feel blessed being of mixed culture (tongan, maori, european) therefore understand and respect protocol from a few cultures and worldviews. For those that are “non-religious” there is a percentage of the population that do not wish to involve at the “end of life” or those associated with an organised religion, such as ministers, priests, rabbis, etc. I can cater for either religious or non-religious.

Choosing a celebrant is ideal if wanting someone to stay neutral and action any requests regarding Eulogies etc on behalf of the family, minimising pressure if family or individuals do not wish to talk on behalf of the deceased. My role is to work closely with the funeral home, funeral director and directly with the family.

tania speech at brents funeral

Brother’s funeral March 2016

When my brother passed away suddenly 23rd March 2016 and the question came up as to who would be the celebrant, despite how hugely difficult it would be to carry out the entire service while grieving for the loss of my “bro” I could not say no. I have never regretted it one single day in honouring Brent and the funeral directors plus receptionists were amazingly supportive of my family and me. Never had I thought I would see the day, I would farewell and command the service of a family member.

Then the shock of our father passing away four weeks after Brent, on the 23rd April was something I thought I would never experience. The devastating news was too much for dad and now they are both resting in peace.

I know how it truly feels to lose loved ones and have the strength and spirit to carry through such a task in your time of loss and grieving.



In memory of my brother Brent (far right). Your two sisters miss and love you very much!


Digital Memorials

While a FDANZ affiliate, (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand) I am proud to offer this Digital Memorials service to you all, using QRCode technology. See my Digital Memorials website for details.

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